Rearfacing Car Seats


The rear-facing car seat Axkid Minikid, launched 2018, has been designed to provide the highest safety and comfort for both small and large children, enabling your child to travel rear-facing for as long as possible.

Minikid rear-facing car seats are safer

Axkid Minikid can be installed rear-facing with a 3-point seat belt and used for children weighing 0-25 kg.

7 Adjustable Headrest Positions

7 Headrest Positions

Slidable headrest with 7 different positions ensures optimal protection for your growing child at all times.

Up to 125cm height

Up to 125cm

Adjustable straps and headrest height means your can use the minikid for longer, right up to 6 years in fact.

Self Tightening Tether Straps

Self Tightening Straps

Self-tightening tether straps make for smooth installation when the minikid is “wiggled” into place.

Axkid Minkid Side View
Plus Test Approved

Plus Test Approved

Plus tested car seats ensure that your child is not exposed to life-threatening high-headed forces during a collision

European Safety Guarantee

ECE R44/04

Frontal collision and roll over protection approved under EU Safety regulation laws.

Machine Washable to 30 degrees

Machine Washable

Its now simpler to remove the car seat cover making the process of washing quicker and putting back on easier.

Minikid Accessories We Recommend

Axkid Minikid Tether Strap

Axkid Tether Strap

An extension strap is used for rear-facing installation when there are no attachment loops or additional reach is required in your car. You get two in each pack.

Minikid Adjusting Wedge

Minikid Adjusting Wedge

The wedge helps to fill the gap between the carseat & the seats in the car giving your minikid a better slope and making it more comfortable for your child.

Axkid Baby Mirror

Baby Mirror

A baby mirror enable you to see your child sitting in their rear-facing car seat while travelling. Attach it to the back of the headrest on your cars seat in seconds.

Minikid Car Seat Protection

Axkid Seat Protector

Protect your cars upholstery from wear and dirt. Can be mounted in front and rear seats and comes with two storage compartments which you can put various things in.

How to fit the Minikid rear-facing car seat

Axkid Minikid can be installed rear-facing with a 3-point seat belt and used for children weighing 0-25 kg.